Ethel Kelts was born on January 18, 1894 in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota. She became a school teacher and in 1917 she married Albert Redel. Albert, the fourth son of Louise and Gustave Redel, was born in Medford, Minnesota, on November 19, 1891. He came with his parents to their homestead in the Lacombe area in 1893.

He had a farm adjoining Art Redel's land. He was also a teacher and amoung the schools he taught in were willow Brook, Sanderville, Consort and Rocky Mountain House areas.

A son Wayne, was born in Consort on July 11, 1924 and he and his wife Lenore (1926) lived in Calgary. They had four children: Karen (1946), Corrine (1947), William (1953) and Robert (1955).

<>Karen married Keith Alder (1944) and they had three children Michelle (1967), Wayne (1970) and Monica (1974)

Ethel passed away on November 1, 1935. Her story is also under the Albert Redel section of this book.