Minnie Kelts was born on April 11, 1892. Will Redel was born in Minnesota on January 12, 1885. He came to Canada with his parents in 1893 to the Lacombe district. In 1909, he filed on a homestead in the Willow Brook district south of Consort, Alberta. In 1912 he married Minnie Kelts. They even had a honeymoon; they went to Edmonton for a week. They drove forty miles with horse and buggy to Coronation and took the train to Castor where they stayed overnight and took the early train next morning to Lacombe where they changed trains and went on to Edmonton.

After their honeymoon, they lived in Calgary for two years where Will was employed with real estate. Their oldest son Laverne was born in Calgary in 1914 but passed away in 1939 after a lengthy illness. They returned to the homestead at Willow Brook and lived there until 1944 when they moved to a farm near Joffre, Alberta. In 1945, they moved to Red Deer where Will was a carpenter until his retirement. They had six children: Laverne, Gordon, Chester, Bruce, Irene and Hazel. Will and Minnie celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in 1972.

Lorna remember that on Aunt Minnie 80th. birthday she did something she always wanted to do - pump herself up on a swing.

Will passed away on May 5, 1981 and Minnie died on 15, 1984. The family story is under the Will Redel portion of this book.