Haines Generations
The generation numbering is taken from "The Early History of the Haines Family", done by Stella (Haines) Camp, for generations 1 to 6.
She has a second marriage listed as generation 7 so for generations 8 and 9 I have them as 7 and 8.
For all the Pedigree images, the string of capital letters at the end are the id of the person that put them online.

Generation 0

Haines_John(1614)_PedigreeResourceFile MMSD-FMX
Haines_Elizabeth(Stanford) PedigreeResourceFile MMSD-FMX

Generation 1

Richard Haines and Margaret his wife, of Aynhoe of ge Hills Northampton shire England with their childred - Richard, William Thomas and Marh. Sailed from Downes England in the ship Anity - Richard Diamonds ship on the 23rd of April 1682. They had a long and tedoius voyage. Richard the father sickened and died, after his death, Joseph the fifth son was born in mid ocean, John the eldest son came to America two years previous to his farthers family and lived in a cave in Haines Bank below Lumberton New Jersey, on the south branch of Roucouce Creek. The family in Burlington New Jersey in the fall of the year 1682. The widow subsequently in 1685 - married Henry Birehan of Washemouy Penneylvania at Thomas Garden's house in Burlington New Jersey.
Haines_Richard(1640)_PedigreeResourceFile MMSD-FMX
Haines_Margaret(Haines)_PedigreeResourceFile MMSD-FMX

Generation 2

1st Richard Haines and Margarets children were 1 Generations 2 John born married 10.10 - 1684 Esther Bu----- 2 Richard born married 1699 Mary Carlile 2 William born 1672 married 1695 Sarah Paine 2 Thomas born 1674 married 1692 Elizabeth Austin 2 Mary born 1678 married 1704 Dotothy L----- 2 Joesph born 1682 married 1722 Elizabeth Thomas-----
Mary Carlile the wife of Richard Haines tradition says she was of Indian linage. Liririi Eentofe the source of it cannot be denied be it as it may however she was said to be a good house wife and a vary capable woman. She acquired the are of writing and rudimentary English branches and was said to be very useful in the community on that account. Richard Haines appointed her and his daughter Elizabeth Newberg executors of his will showing he esteme he had for her ability. And said to be very useful in the meeting as she was so ready with her ben. Richard Haines, son of Richard and Margaret married Mary Carlile in 1699, and settled in Eveshan New Jersey. Their children were,
Haines_Richard(1665)_PedigreeResourceFile MMSD-FMX
Haines_Mary(Carlile)_PedigreeResourceFile MMSD-FMX

Generation 3

3 Carlile born 1700 married 1721 Sarah Motlock 3 Mary born married 1720 Timothy Motlock 3 Rebecca married 1721 Richard Motlock 3 Rachel married 1725 Isaac Albeiton 3 Abrane married 1719 Grace Hollingestak 3 Richard married 1721 Agrees --- 3 Enoch married Abigal ---- 3 Sarah married 1733 Edibard Hillier 3 Elizabeth married Newly
Richard died in 1746, Mary died in 1746, and were burried in the Haines burying grounds on the Richard Haines farm Fostertown Burlington County New Jersey.
Carlile Harris, son of Richard and Mary Married Sara Motlock in 1721 and settled in Eveshane Burlington County N.J.
Haines_Carlile(1700)_PedigreeResourceFile MMSD-FMX
Haines_Sarah(Matlack)_PedigreeResourceFile MMSD-FMX

Generation 4

Their youngest son Levi born 1746 Married Elizabeth, This is (Bennett Haines grand father) 14 children in his family.
Haines_Levi(1746)_PedigreeResourceFile MMSD-FMX
Haines_Elizabeth(Andrews)_PedigreeResourceFile MMSD-FMX

Generation 5

Levi Haines son of Carlile and Sara Motlock, married Elizabeth Audris.
5 Abigal born 3-8-1768 5 Enos born 11-20-1770 5 Deborah born 3-20-1772 5 Lydia born 5-17-1776 5 Esther born 11-14-1777 5 Molilou born 10-30-1781 5 Harniah born 2-28-1784 5 Levi born 3-31-1793 Died 7 mo. 19th, 1868
Haines_Levi(1793)_PedigreeResourceFile MMSD-FMX
Haines_Sarah(Hatcher)_PedigreeResourceFile MMSD-FMX
Haines_Levi(1795)_1850USCensusDeborah Wren

Generation 6

This is father's brothers and sisters. Levi Haines and wife Sarah Hatcher.
6 Isreal born 11-19-1812 Died 9-9-1880 6 Mohloou born 3-4-1814 Died 10-21-1899 6 Lydia born 5-2-1816 Died 10-24-18 6 Harniah born 31-1-1818 Died 10-2*-1899 6 Hinchman born 9-2-1820 Died 5-29-1899 6 William born 22-12-1822 6 Mary born 27-1-1824 6 Levi A born 16-1-1826 Died 10-7-1909 6 Sarah A born 22-12-1827 Died 12-27-1893 6 Enos born 8-10-1829 6 Elizebeth born 9-61-1831
Levi and Deborah Wren, His second wife
Deborah Wren         born 12-14-1799  
Their children.
7 Bennett Haines born 8-1-1836 Died 4-8-1929 7 Exurri Haines born 1-3-1837 7 Chollaley Haines born 5-3-1840 Died Dec 31-1909 7 Albert Haines born 17-4-184* Died 1914

Generation 7

Bennett Haines and his wife Mary Street. Their children.
8 Burrith Haines born April 24, 1862 Died July 30, 1919 Married Amy Hiatt Oct 25, 1905 8 Estella Haines born Apr 14, 1865 8 Desway A. Haines born Oct 6, 1866 8 Edgg?? Lizzie Haines born Oct 2, 1873 Died April 5, 1940 8 Willis Haines born June 18, 1876 8 Grace Haines born June 12, 1879
Burritt is a bother of Estella who is Great-Grandma Camp to Phil.
9 Generation. Burritt and Amy Haines had 4 children 9 Harold Haines born Mar 14, 1907 9 Clela Haines born May 22, 1908 9 Verta Haines born Jan 1, 1812 9 Clarolette Haines born May 4, 1814 Clela Haines married Carl Brors? married 23 June 1932 one child Patricie Leone? July 31, 1934
Street Mary(1839) 1850 US Census
Street Mary(1839) 1850 US Census IMAGE
Street Mary(1839) 1860 US Census
Haines BennetW(1836 1870 US Census
Haines Mary(1840) 1870 US Census
Haines BennetW(1836 1870 US Census #26 IMAGE
Haines BennetW(1836) 1880 US Census
Haines Mary(1840) 1880 US Census
Haines BennetW(1836) 1885 Iowa Census
Haines Mary(1840) 1885 Iowa Census
Haines Bennet(1836) 1910 US Census
Haines Mary(1840) 1910 US Census
Haines Bennet(1836) 1920 US Census

Generation 8

Estella Haines and Charlie Camp
Haines Estella 1870 US Census
Haines Estella 1880 US Census
01 Jan 1885 Iowa Mariage
01 Jan 1885 Iowa Mariage
01 Jan 1885 Iowa Mariage
01 Jan 1885 Iowa Mariage
Camp Estella 1885 Iowa Census
Camp Charles 1885 Iowa Census
Maud Iowa Birth
Camp Cherls 1900 US Census
Camp Cherls 1900 US Census IMAGE
Camp Estella C 1900 US Census
Camp Charles 1910 US Census
Camp Estella C 1910 US Census
Chas J 1920 US Census
Stella C 1920 US Census
Meta 1920 US Census (raised by Charlie and Stella)
Stella C 1930 US Census
Camp Family

Generation 9

Maud O Camp and Homer J Kelts
Our Family,by Gil Roth
Kelts Photos

Generation 10

June Kelts and Christ Schloss

Generation 11

Phillip Schloss

Generation 12

Generation 13